Saturday, 22 December 2012, ϟ 0 shout(s)

Hi. The school just around the corner right? I really don't know what I should feel right now. Neither excited or upset because school holiday almost at the end. And I think, I should choose the excited feeling. I'm tired w all the bullshit. Pathetic me. Btw, how you guys doin? hope y'all fine. I hate this something. The 'i miss someone' feeling. I miss who? I miss she. Who is she? She's my best-friendforeverforeverforever. I'll hope she miss me too. I really hate it when I miss someone but she/he don't. I'll feel stupid. And, if you reading this girl, I wanna this -> Woi Joyah, aku rindu kau tahu tak? Dah dekat sebulan kita tak lepak sesama. Tolong rindu aku balik hahahahaha. The reason why I wrote it all here? Because I'm quite ashame. You too crazy. I'm worry if you tell everyone w intention to embarrass me. Yeah you kinda annoying. If you were hoping that I'll mention her name, I won't. Okay, see ya soon.

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